12 August 2012

The first leg is complete. On Friday I flew from Oregon to Vermont in about 14 hours, with one layover in New York. Both flights were delayed, and although my bike box suffered being ripped open at one end, all my gear was accounted-for and intact.

Sunrise over Chicago.

My second flight hit a bird when it landed at JFK, so they had to fix it, kick us off, put us back on, kick us off again, test it, and finally put us back on.

When I got home I put my bike back together rather easily. The only hiccup was that the chain snapped. I’m not used to these new-fangled “PowerLink” chains, and I used a normal chainbreaker. Guess I’m out of practice. Anyway, I had a spare, so I’ll just make a quick stop at a bike shop to replace that before I get too far down the road. Oh, also the TSA people stole the vulcanizing glue from my patch kit. Apparently it’s flammable? Oh well.

I figured out a thing to help my blogging! I was worried that since I don’t have a laptop with me I wouldn’t be able to post photos or videos on the blog until after the whole thing is said and done—which would be a total bummer. Not a problem! There’s an app called PhotoSync that enables transfer of photos and videos between iDevices as long as they’re on the same Wifi network. Oh, and it integrates with a bunch of cloudy services like Dropbox too. Now I just have to figure out if I need to be able to post photos from my Nikon, and if so, how one might do that. there’s probably an SD reader thingy for the iPad, right?

I also really like the updated WordPress app, and I picked up Skype and Google+, for when I need to see familiar faces (hint: I’m also reachable by FaceTime and normal phone and email and text and…).

I’ve figured out more of my route! I’ll be taking USBR1 from Portland ME to Portsmouth NH, then continuing on US1 to Boston MA. That will take 2 days. I could probably do it in one, but then I’d be hurting for the next 5. Between Boston and DC is a bit gray still, but there’s a proposed corridor for USBR1 that looks promising (I think it just keeps following US1). From DC I can take the C&O Canal Towpath to Cumberland, MD then the Great Allegheny Passage through to Pittsburgh. Each of those paths has its own iOS app to help with mapping the route, planning campsites and groceries, etc. Lewis went through Pittsburgh on his way to St Louis, but he went down the Ohio river, which is a bit out of my way. There’s another USBR proposed corridor for that stretch. Then once I get to St Louis I’ll be in the capable hands of Adventure Cycling’s Lewis & Clark Trail!

Somewhere in North Dakota my parents are going to show up in a rental car. The idea is that we’ll hang out in the evenings for about a week, and hopefully that means they see me safe through the Rockies, but timing may not allow for that. At least well into Montana. We’ll see what happens. If the timing does work for the Rockies, maybe I’ll have them haul some of my gear…

Anyway, tomorrow I do some last-minute shopping, drive to Portland ME and pack my bags for the Nth time. I’ll start riding Tuesday morning, so that’s when you should expect to see dots appear on the map.

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