17 January 2014

Lately I’ve been playing with an Electric Imp, using it to control a single 3-color LED. My goal is to develop a product out of it, but I’m skeptical that I’ll ever get it off the ground, so I’m sharing my findings here. (Also, if and when I do start selling this, all hardware and software will be open anyway). (more…)

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7 February 2013

I cannot overstate how simple it is to get a WordPress site up and running, or how easy it is to deploy a site on Heroku. I might assume, therefore, that deploying a WordPress site on Heroku would be just as simple and easy, and this was largely true. There are a couple of hiccups however.


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20 March 2012

I recently was tasked with creating a table UI within an iPhone app that made use of the pan gesture in a way not unlike that of Sparrow. Since I stumbled blindly for a day before finally figuring it out, I created a github demonstration of this UI so that others after me can spend less time following in my footsteps and more time forging ahead. Cheers!

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