Continuing the Life of
20 March 2012

Ok more updates:

  1. Vacation time approacheth (mid-April, but still)
  2. My bike is totaled. It showed troubling signs of a damaged frame. I will investigate purchasing a new bike soon.
  3. I have purchased the new iPad. I tell myself that it’s because I want to write iPad apps and get my foot in the door of developing for yet another “platform”, but secretly I did it because I wanted an iPad. Still, I have many ideas for tablet-shaped apps.
  4. My new gaming computer is finally up and running (after BSOD complications and a random shutdown issue I thought was due to overheating but really turned out to be because I never activated Windows). It performs beautifully and I’m immensely happy with it.

I’m sorry for the short post but I’m tired and my life is consumed by work so I don’t have anything more interesting to say (though that’s not a complaint. I really really like my job).

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