I picked up my bike today
24 February 2012

and it’s largely unscathed. Apart from some cosmetic stuff and a bent front fork, there doesn’t seem to be any major damage. Of course there’s probably a small crack in the frame somewhere that renders it unrideable, but for now at least there’s hope. I plan to go over it this weekend and send it in to a shop if it is salvageable.

Today also marks the beginning of my career as an iOS developer. I started putting together the storyboards for an app we’re building. If this goes well there will be plenty more jobs I can do, so I really hope I like it and get the hang of it quickly.

And I also racked the porter Curtis and I made last week (racking is the second step of four in brewing). I’ve been thinking more seriously about where I want to take this hobby, and all signs lead Up. I recently found a link to a really nice-looking German brewpot. I think it would be the perfect way to start a nanobrewery. It’s the next step up in size from where I am now, and would allow me to brew a keg’s-worth at once. Depending on the paperwork involved, I might be selling kegs to local bars by the end of the year! So the next step is finding a space to put all this. It could probably fit in my house, but I don’t necessarily want it so close all the time (plus I doubt we have 220V power available). Curtis mentioned that some space at his shop is still available, and that intrigues me. We would need to plumb it and wire it, but it might work. He wants to put in an outdoor kitchen anyway, so the plumbing will get done one way or another. I’m really excited at the prospect of turning this hobby into something bigger, but I’m also pretty scared about being a small-business owner and all the growing-up that involves.

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