RT2: Success!
11 July 2012

Last weekend I undertook Road Test #2. The purpose of this test was to make sure my body would be ok doing multiple consecutive days of cycling. Here’s what happened:

Day 1: 75 miles from Hillsboro, OR to Nehalem Bay, OR (via routes 8, 6 and 101). Fully loaded.
Day 2:  50 miles from Nehalem Bay, OR to Seaside, OR and back (via 101). Largely unloaded.
Day 3: 100 miles from Nehalem Bay, OR to Portland, OR (via 101, 6, 8 and 10) . Fully loaded.

I did my first ever Century! It was completely by mistake, but I rode at least 100 miles on Monday. Not without stopping: towards the end I took a bus over some bad highway, then continued.

I only felt sore the night of Day 3. I felt physically great up until then. I can totally do this!

I took a few pictures, viewable here.

I noticed some muscles that I’ve never noticed before!


What’s next?
Well, I leave for Vermont in  30 days. I don’t feel a huge need to do a third Road Test, but I may want to get out into the Oregon countryside anyway. Maybe the high desert East of the Cascades? While I figure that out there’s plenty of work left to do on spencersbigadventure.com though. And I keep thinking of little things I might need that I still don’t have, like a camp stove, or a cycling map of the East Coast.

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