Seaward Cycle
6 July 2012

In 12 hours’ time I will be lying awake in my bed, dreading the next 12 hours. Then I’ll be on a bus for two hours. Then I’ll be on a bike for who knows how long. I’m doing Road Test #2 this weekend, out to the Oregon coast and back. The weather has been sunny and warm this week, and I hope it holds through the weekend. I’ll be taking Rt 6 from Forest Grove, OR to Nehalem Bay State Park. It’s about 70 miles. Unlike the Lost Lake route though, the hard part is at the beginning.

On Sunday I’ll leave most of my things in the campground, and take a day trip up to Cannon Beach and possibly farther (at least 30 miles round trip). Monday I return to Forest Grove on the same route.

I’ve set up to fetch my location every 10 minutes (as long as my GPS is transmitting). The front-end doesn’t update asynchronously (yet), so in order to see any new posts you’ll have to reload the page.

The purpose of RT1 was to test my new bike, new panniers, new tent, new GPS, etc. The purpose of RT2 is to test me. Can I go for long bike rides day after day? We’ll certainly see.


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