sketchy future plans
5 February 2012

I did a little more settling in this week. I have a membership at a local credit union and a bus pass for the whole month. I also got my first paycheck in a couple years, which felt pretty nice. I’m still working as a contractor, but I’ve been assured that once the company grows a little more we’ll be put on payroll and get things like benefits. Anyway, some of that first paycheck went to buying a new monitor, which allows me to take my old monitor into the office. This week I also finished version 1.0 of a completely new product, something I had been working on solo for about a week. I demo’d it to the bosses and they liked what I had done so far, but put me on another project due to timeline constraints. This other project is due to launch in a couple weeks, but I have a feeling that before it does I’ll be shuffled to yet another project! I really like this fast pace. It keeps me on my toes and makes it almost impossible for me not to notice mistakes.

Looking forward, I’ve sketched out a few plans. I may want to move to a different neighborhood before summer. Somewhere closer to Hawthorne or Belmont. It would be closer to Curtis, an easier commute to my work, closer to nightlife spots. I think that that the reason I want to do this is because I haven’t fully landed yet, so I feel out of place. Or because I’ve been through so much upheaval recently (relocation, new job, hit by a car…) and don’t know where I belong or even what’s happening around me. In any case I won’t start looking right away. I’d like to wait until I’m riding a bike again, so that I’ll have reliable personal transportation. The buses are fine for stuff like commuting, but any improvised jaunts usually include lots of waiting at bus stops.

Other future plans besides getting back on a bike? I’d really like to start homebrewing again. Once I realize that the feeling I’ve been having in the evenings lately is actually Boredom, I’ll probably get off my butt and go to the brew shop. I’d also like to make things other than beer. That affair I had with carpentry last month was a lot of fun, even though I know I’m not very good at it. There are a couple of metal- and wood-working shops around that offer classes and use of space in exchange for a membership fee. I really want to get back into welding or glassblowing or something. The thing I miss most about those classes is the ability to shape a material that you grow up thinking is unshapable. Carpentry fills some of that void, but working in a machine shop or a welding shop would really hit the spot (a glass shop would too, but it has a much longer learning curve, at least for me).

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