16 February 2012

Things are still moving very quickly at work. I’m starting to think I might someday get used to the pace, but it won’t be this week, or next week. We just launched Chirpify today, a service that turns Twitter into an e-commerce platform. It’s all about leveraging user-bases, shifting the paradigm, all that stuff. At its simplest functionality it will connect your Twitter and PayPal accounts to enable you to use Twitter to do things like buy and sell items, fundraise and donate, or pay people directly. Pretty powerful stuff.

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5 February 2012

I did a little more settling in this week. I have a membership at a local credit union and a bus pass for the whole month. I also got my first paycheck in a couple years, which felt pretty nice. I’m still working as a contractor, but I’ve been assured that once the company grows a little more we’ll be put on payroll and get things like benefits. Anyway, some of that first paycheck went to buying a new monitor, which allows me to take my old monitor into the office. This week I also finished version 1.0 of a completely new product, something I had been working on solo for about a week. I demo’d it to the bosses and they liked what I had done so far, but put me on another project due to timeline constraints. This other project is due to launch in a couple weeks, but I have a feeling that before it does I’ll be shuffled to yet another project! I really like this fast pace. It keeps me on my toes and makes it almost impossible for me not to notice mistakes. (more…)

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30 January 2012

So this website is super broken. I recently moved to a new host and haven’t yet figured out the best way to import all of my old posts. But! If I ignore this problem long enough I won’t have to solve it, right? I mean, I try this approach with many problems, and usually it’s the wrong approach, but I think this time it might work. Not unlike long-distance relationships.

Another reason I think I won’t ever figure out this website is because I’m super busy lately. I got a job! I’m an interface engineer over at Upstart Labs, a startup incubator in The Pearl. They’ve been in the news recently, and it’s a pretty fun place to work. Not sure how much I can talk about my projects, but I can say that I work on the front-end of the internet, turning graphic designs into webpages for you to browse on your PC or mobile device.

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