30 June 2012

I’ve been watching a few sports documentaries, including among others: Ride the Divide, about the mountain bike race from Canada to Mexico along the Rocky Mountains, as well as Hell on Wheels, about the Tour de France. I can say that watching these not only gives me some kick of adrenaline, it also deadens the fear I have of the upcoming tour.

2 is officially in v1 right now. It currently shows all of my tweets, foursquare checkins, GPS pings and blog posts, in the order they were posted. Some of these posts (like those from this blog) won’t have lat/lng data, and thus won’t be pinned on the map. V2 features include: responsive layout for mobile viewing, deep-linking and map-to-list interactivity.

I’ve posted a FAQ on the tour page, check it out!

My gear selection is just about dialed in. I only have to test my power solution (solar charger and hub dynamo) before I can trust my life and livelihood into these wheels. I am starting to think about RT2, maybe for next weekend. I want to get out and see the Oregon coast, but that’s a long ride–possibly 2 nights. Hmm, I’ll let you know.

I’ve finally plugged the entire tour into Google Maps and here’s how it looks:

The route…all 4400 miles of it

It’s 4,400 miles! How will I even do that?! My worst feeling about it right now is how I’ll fly over that whole span in less than 24 hours, then it’ll take me two months to get back. (here’s a link to the map, but note it is NOT for the faint of cpu!)

As this tour approaches I’m struck with two feelings: (1) I know I have no idea what to expect. (2) I’m surprised I’m not more scared. This is going to be life-changing. My outlook, spirituality and maybe even my personality will be put through a wringer. There are both butterflies and rocks in my stomach. I suppose I’ve been “bottling” a little bit, because there’s not much I can do with these feelings right now. Just gotta be patient…

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